Fire and Starlight Saga

Scars: Alak's Story
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The Night the Stars Fell

Book One of the Fire and Starlight Saga

"My name is Astra Downs, and in three days I may destroy the world."

The earth trembles and the stars fall. Things that were long forgotten return and Astra and her twin, Kato, are at the center of it all. Magic has been dead for centuries, but when Astra and Kato are born, it's a sign that something is about to happen. No twins have ever been born before—not in their kingdom of Callenia or anywhere else on their continent. Beneath their skin prowls an unknown, ancient power and the closer they get to their eighteenth birthday, the closer it comes to breaking free. 


When a handsome young stranger with connections to the prince of Callenia appears in their nothing town of Timberborn, they may finally have access to the answers they've been seeking their entire lives. Soon, they're running for their lives from a fearful king and the trust of strangers and new friends may be their only chance at survival and controlling their manifesting powers.

Print ISBN 978-1-7370541-0-8

Ebook ISBN 978-1-7370541-1-5

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Scars: Alak's Story

Scars: Alak's Story

A Fire and Starlight Novella | Book 1.5

Alak's world fell apart when he was ten years old. Since then he's been alone. He was content with his life until that fateful day shortly after his fifteenth birthday when he met Isabella.


Embervein was supposed to be just another stop along the road, another hustle, another city with alleys to sleep in at night. But Fate intervened, putting him in the path of the crown prince and his friends, including the lovely Isabella Bramfield. Isabella was a bright light in the midst of Alak's dark life, and for the first time in a long time he felt joy and hope. He had a future. He had worth. He had friends . . .

But nothing good lasts forever.

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The Starlight in the Shadows

Book Two of the Fire and Starlight Saga

Astra struggles to find her place in her world turned upside-down. Those she felt she could trust more than anyone in the world have betrayed her. Her newest friends are the only thing keeping her going, but time is against them as a war builds on two fronts and every turn holds a new danger.

Alak took a chance and made a choice that put him behind enemy lines, but for the first time in his life he finally feels truly useful. Every move he makes must be carefully calculated or everything falls apart. If he messes up, a lot of people could very well die.

Even though they're miles apart, they're working together, desperate to save Callenia and the surrounding kingdoms. If only they had more time. If only they had more allies. If only they could be together.

Releasing August 16, 2022

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Star-Crossed Cover

Star-Crossed: Cal's Story

A Fire and Starlight Novella | Book 2.5

Cal has always been a good, loyal soldier and a valued member of Prince Ehren's Guard. When he's asked by his captain to survey a group of new recruits, it's just another day--until he spots Makin.

Makin Parelli is perfect in every way and Cal enjoys his budding friendship with the young man. Every day they grow closer and Cal begins to wonder if maybe, just maybe, Makin also feels more than friendship. When a night of celebrating lowers Cal's inhibitions, everything quickly spirals out of control.

Ashamed and floundering, Cal must find a way to mend his broken friendship or risk losing Makin forever.

Releasing November 1, 2022

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