Meet the Author

What happens when you combine a lot of coffee, a dash of creativity, a smidge of anxiety, and a bit of hyperfixation? Well, you get an author. Or, at least, you get this author. Amber D. Lewis is all those things (and perhaps a few other bits) thrown together and the results are actually fairly decent.

Using that drive for creativity and fueled by the coffee, Amber creates stories, specifically fantasy stories. She loves living between the pages of books, whether she's the one creating the stories or if she's diving into a book by other fabulous authors. Basically, books and words are like air.

Her debut novel, The Night the Stars Fell, may have been the first book she put out into the world, but it was far from her first story. In fact, some of her earliest memories are of creating stories for others. Her love for reading and writing only increased in high school and she often shared her stories with her friends. Through their support and encouragement, she went on to pursue writing in college. 


Amber has a Bachelor of Arts in Publishing from Bob Jones University as well as experience as a freelance editor. She now devotes her time to writing her novels, being a stay-at-home mom to her three children, and volunteering in the library for a local elementary school.

When she's not writing, she's probably reading, hanging out with her family, strolling the aisles at Target, or rewatching her favorite TV shows. 


Books/Reading Order

Fire and Starlight Saga

The Night the Stars Fell

Astra and Kato are the only twins ever born in their kingdom, so no one knows what chaos awaits when they turn eighteen.

Scars: Alak's Story

Embervein is supposed to be another hustle on the road to somewhere new, but everything changes when Alak meets the crown prince and his closest friends.

The Starlight in the Shadows

The world has changed. Friends are now Foes. Enemies have become Allies. Everything is at risk. There's no way everyone can make it out alive

Star-Crossed: Cal's Story

Emptiness is hard to fill when the person you love may not love you back.

The Stardust in the Ashes

When your world burns to the ground, the only thing left to do is Rise from the Ashes.

Stray: Kai's Story

A wolf shifter without a pack is just a wolf. They need a pack to keep them human.

The Stars Amid the Storm

A storm is gathering, and not everyone  will survive the darkness.

Stories and Starlight: A Collection of Fire and Starlight Novellas

Includes all three novellas.

Fate of Elodia

Between Fate & Failure

Since Freya has the blood of the Fae, she has no choice but to marry Prince Tybalt to save Elodia's magic, even though he has no interest in marrying her. Everything is put at risk, however, when a magic-hating cult derails their pre-wedding tour.

Untitled Book Two

More Information Coming Soon