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Bonus Stories

Please be aware that some of the drop-down excerpts provided contain slight spoilers for the series. 

Cal and Ehren meet for the first time as boys.

“I was asking which of the boys you wished to spar against.”

“That boy,” I say, pointing to a boy on the opposite field with dark brown skin.

Captain Von frowns and turns, following my finger. “Those boys aren’t nobility.”

I cross my arms in a challenge. “Probably why they have talent.” 

Ehren and Bram meet the first time as surely teens.

The boy frowns, his lip curling in disapproval.

“That is the prince?” he mutters and Captain Von chuckles.

I cross my arms and arch an eyebrow in challenge. “Yes. Who are you?”

“This,” the captain says, placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder, “is Alexander Bramfield. He’s a new recruit from Hounddale.” 

What happened to Ehren & the rest of the crew while Astra, Bram, & Alak were with the Fae?

“I should probably get back to sleep.” I huff a small laugh, though there’s no humor in it. “Or I would if I could sleep.”

“If you can’t sleep, you’re welcome to join me for a bit,” Cal offers.

I look back at him, cocking my head. “You wouldn’t mind?”

Cal’s smile is genuine as he replies, “Mind? I’d rather enjoy it. It’s a bit dull watching over a quiet camp.” 

Before the story began, a certain princess had to discover some prophecies and a certain prince had to get involved.

“Explain all this,” I say, motioning to the stacks of papers, scrolls, and books.

“It’s about the twins,” she says, her face scrunched with confusion.

“I got that much, Winnie. What I mean is . . .” I pause, trying to find the best way to ask why I should care without sounding too harsh. “What do I need to do with this information?”

“The twins, Ehren,” she replies, putting a strong emphasis behind each word. “Something is going to happen when they turn eighteen, and it could very well be something bad.

I frown, picking up one of the pages that seemed less positive. “You mean you think that these could be true? That they could really—” I glance down at the page and read aloud—“‘bring about the end of all in fire from the heavens’?”

Before the story began, a certain princess had to discover some prophecies and a certain prince had to get involved.

“So you think an amulet might help the twins contain their power?” I ask, lifting my eyes to Winnie’s. “But isn’t this the same problem we’ve been facing with the other solutions? We would need magic to create the amulet.”

Winnie shakes her head. “No, I’m not saying we create amulets. I’m saying we give them these amulets.”

My eyes widen. “You know where they are.”

It’s not a question but Winnie nods, a small smile twitching at the corner of her lips as her eyes brighten. “I know where they are.”

A year after losing someone close to him, Ehren makes a plan to drag Bram away from Embervein so they can grieve while burying their sorrows with summer wine.

“I want a love like that,” I confess. “You know, one worth turning the world over to find. One that ends in pure and utter happiness.”

“Does it even exist?” Bram slurs, settling down on the ground, his head next to mine but his body stretching out in the opposite direction as he stares up at the stars. “I don’t think it exists. Doesn’t sound real.”

“I think it does,” I muse. “But I’ll never get a chance at it."

A Prequel story about adjusting to change, finding your place, and falling in love. (Also, ghosts.)

“You have a good eye,” the vendor says, a wide grin on her face.

“Oh?” I say, attempting to feign disinterest in the mask, though I know this woman undoubtedly saw me head straight to it. “I’m not sure it’s for me.”

She leans across her table, her grin widening as she meets my eyes. “On the contrary, I know it’s for you.” She nods to the mask. “Go ahead. Try it on.”

I don’t like being pushed into things, so I’m about to disagree and walk away on principle, but I can’t. There’s something about this mask that’s holding me in place. I reach out tentatively and lift it from the table. It’s lighter than I expected. I lift it to my eyes and place it over my face, the black ribbons meant to tie it in place dangling down and tickling my cheeks. The vendor pulls a hand mirror from behind her and holds it up. I start as I stare at my reflection. I’ve worn many masks in my sixteen years—many that were custom made just for me—but none have ever fit this perfectly. I can’t explain why, but it feels like something in my life that was always missing has been found.

“See,” the vendor says, pulling me from my thoughts. “It is meant for you.”
I quickly drop the mask from my face and blink down at it.

After the war is over, two lovers finally tie the knot.

“You look good,” she says, peeking around me to meet my eyes in the mirror.

I cock an eyebrow. “Only good?”

She laughs, rolling her eyes. “You look incredibly and devilishly handsome.”

I swallow hard, slowly turning to look down at her. “Have you seen Cal?”

“I have.”

“So he’s still here? Or did you see him slipping out a window?”

I try to keep my voice light, but Astra knows me too well to believe I’m entirely joking. Besides that, a slight tremor in my voice gives my true concern away.

“He’s in his room, just as nervous as you.”

The war is over, but not everyone was on the winning side. Now the question remains: What happens to the leader of the opposing side?

Astra sighs. “Let’s get it over with then. What are you planning on doing with Kato?”

My heart beats so loud and fast I’m surprised I can hear anything above it. Ehren doesn’t seem to hear it or care, jumping straight to business.

“Well, as you can understand, the general outcry is that he meet the fate of his victims. He slaughtered hundreds of people for his cause, and those they left behind are rightfully outraged.”

I blink, pushing away the dizziness blurring my vision, and look over at Astra. I expect her to speak up for Kato, her twin, but she’s nodding. Fury rises in my my chest.

“Defend your brother!” I yell, my voice sharp.

Astra startles, turning her attention to me. The surprise slips away and she furrows her brow.

“Pax, you know what he did. You had to know this was coming.”

I shake my head, taking a step away from her. “I also know who he is at his core. So do you.”

The war is over, but not everyone was on the winning side. Now the question remains: What happens to the leader of the opposing side?

“Kato Laurence Downs of Timberborn,” Ehren says, his voice harder and colder than I’ve ever heard it. “I have no doubt you know why you’re here? Would you like to make a plea in your defense?”

I keep my head bowed as I mumble, “No, Your Majesty. Whatever punishment you deem fit I shall accept without protest.”

Ehren hums. “Maybe there are people willing to speak up for you? Is there any such person here?”

I close my eyes, my heart sinking. There’s no way anyone would be foolish enough to—

“I’ll speak on his behalf.”

Guilt is a heavy burden, but sometimes have a friend helps to *ahem* relieve the tension. *This story contains spice.*

He really does seem okay with what his life has become, with living in exile with me. Before I even realize what I’m doing, I cross the room to him. He blinks up at me in surprise, stuttering to a stop mid-sentence, his hands stilling in the sink water.


I cut him off with a kiss. He tastes sticky sweet like the syrup he drowned his pancakes in. He smiles against my lips, and I pull back enough to look into his eyes.

“Well, if that’s what you want to do with your day, I’m down,” he says.

A small huff of a laugh escapes and his eyes light up. He leans forward and presses another quick kiss to my lips.

“You know what? I think we can finish cleaning up breakfast later.” He hesitates, doubt flashing in his eyes. “Unless you’d rather not—”

I cut off him off with another kiss, this one more aggressive than the previous ones. A small sound escapes him and he turns so that we’re chest to chest. He grabs my head with both hands, fingers twisting into my hair, and takes over the kiss.

Alternative POV Stories

Alak's perspective of the events from the Ball chapters in the first book.

Alak's perspective of the first time he meets Astra

Alak's perspective of meeting Astra in the woods after their first meeting

Astra's Poisoning (Bram's POV)

Bram's perspective from when he finds Alak and Astra the night of the festival in Athiedor.

Ehren's perspective of Cal's confession in Star-Crossed: Cal's Story

Cal's perspective of Astra's confrontation with Landis in the first book and the potentional threat to Ehren's life.

Cal's perspective leading up to the ball in Ascaria from the third book.

Cal's perspective of the ball, the balcony scene, and the aftermath.

Deleted/Alternative Scenes

Two deleted scenes. One shows an extra pub dance that was removed from their journey as outlaws in the first book. It could be considered canon.

The second is a scene I tried out at one point before the story was finalized that is no longer canon.

The events following the ball from book one go a little differently in this non-canon deleted scene.

What if the last couple chapters of the last book went a slightly different way?

A Bond Deeper Than Blood
A Patreon Story Series

Twelves years after the war, Hanna and Pip are trying to move on with their lives. 

With Pip's encouragement, Hanna decides to take a chance on love. 

Pip has an unusual vision that leaves him unsettled.

Random Extras

Some chapter titles I made up just for fun.

This shows a little behind the scenes of my writing process. You can see how the laces tying scene from the first book evolved and changed from its original version to what it became in the actual published book.