Character Rep

There are also additional minor, non-reoccurring characters not listed above.

Additional Rep


Throughout the series you will meet several neurodivergent characters. Most of the cast falls somewhere under this umbrella, but Winnie is probably the most prominent among the representation and would most likely be somewhere on the AuDHD spectrum. 

Mental Health Rep

Several characters struggle with anxiety throughout the series.

Cal struggles with anxiety throughout the series, but it manifests the strongest in Star-Crossed Cal's Story. His anxiety gets so bad at times that it affects his eating and sleeping habits.

Ehren struggles with anxiety and depression and has a few examples of panic attacks and darker thoughts edging into suicidal ideation and slight self-harm. This is most present in The Stardust in the Ashes and The Stars Amid the Storm. There are multiple chapters from his POV showing his struggle.

Alak struggles with anxiety and some PTSD after suffering emotional and physical abuse from a parent that affects him the most in Scars: Alak's Story.

Pip has selective mutism after suffering traumatizing visions. He only speaks to one person and never in the presence of anyone else.

Disability Rep

Ronan, a character introduced in The Starlight in the Shadows who later becomes a kay character, is a cane-user due to a birth defect that makes it difficult for him to use his left foot. 

Nova, a character introduced in Stray: Kai's Story, uses reading glasses.

Ehren, one of the key characters throughout the series, experiences chronic pain in the last book. He also experiences the loss of his non-dominent hand and must adjust to life as an amputee.

Cultural & Religious Rep

This is a fictional world that draws inspiration from the real world. While no religion or culture presented is meant to directly represent an existing religion or culture, there are a variety of races, cultures, and religious beliefs represented. There are different gods and goddesses worshipped in different regions in different ways that show the culture and beliefs of the area. Some areas do not offer alcohol as they believe it interferes with the connection to the gods. Several different races are also presented throughout the series. 


Infertility: One of the main characters discovers that she will likely never be able to have children. 

Scars: One of the main characters receives scars on his face and body that will never heal. Other characters also get noticable scars throughout the series.

Grief: Grief is a common reocurrring theme throughout the series. There are a variety of ways people deal.