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The Night the Stars Fell
Book One of The Fire and Starlight Saga

Content Warning (Slight Spoilers)

Physical Abuse/Assault

A few places throughout the book reference abuse by parental figures. The main character, Astra, is threatened and attacked by a man in Chapters Seven and Eight, though she escapes both times and gains the upper hand in each situation. (Chapter Eight is the more descriptive and violent of the interactions.) She also has a brief encounter with unwanted attention and confrontation in Chapter Thirty-Two, but it is resolved quickly in her favor.



Chapter Twenty-Five has brief mentions of suicide. One character is mentioned in a story from the past and another tells of their attempted suicide and shows their scars. Both attempts and acts of suicide happen off-page and are not described in detail in this book. 

Additional Details

This story also contains mentions of alcohol and gambling.

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