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Notebook and Pen


All about my characters and stories.

To me, my characters are almost as real as actual people. They have backgrounds, love interests, emotions, and hobbies. While I may write their stories down, they are the ones that tell them. I simply record everything and share it with the world. Don't worry---they like having their stories told.

Image by Kyle Glenn
Character Profiles

Character Profiles

Pronunciation Guides

I know. I know. Fantasy names don't always make sense. Hopefully these guides will help.

Kingdom Pronunciation Guide

The Night the Stars Fell

Character Pronunciation Guide-3.png
Character Pronunciation Guide

The Starlight in the Shadows

Pronunciation Guide-5.png
Character Pronuncitaion Guide TSITS - 7_1_22, 5.12 PM
Pronunciation Guide-6.png
Place Pronunciation Guide TSITS - 7_1_22, 5.13 PM

The Stardust in the Ashes

Pronunciation Guide-9.png
Character Pronunciation Guide TSITA - 4_28_23, 11.53 AM
Pronunciation Guide-8.png
Place Pronunciation Guide TSITA - 4_28_23, 11.54 AM
Pronunciation Guides


Map of Callenia.png
Map Split Fill Book Two (1687 × 2625 px)-7_edited.jpg
Behind the Scenes Fun Facts

Behind the Scenes Fun Facts

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