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Star-Crossed: Cal's Story
A Fire and Starlight Novella

This story is recommended reading after the second book and provides additional insight and details that make the story more complete, but it can be skipped if the reader is not comfortable with the content.

Content Warning (Slight Spoilers)

Star-Crossed Cover

Eating Disorder/Anxiety/Depression

The main character in this novella experiences some bought of anxiety and depression that are largely brought on by him struggling with his sexuality. Part of the way this manifests is by the character purposefully skipping meals.


Brief Homophobic Encounters

The main character of this novella is gay and he has a brief encounter with an enemy where his sexuality is questioned and mocked. During this encounter he is essentially outed to a large group of people. Another smaller encounter happens afterwards between the main character and someone he thought was his friend. Despite those negative reactions, he does find support and comfort in his other (better) friends and comes to accept that being gay is perfectly fine. In the end he embraces who he is with the help of those friends. 

Additional Details

This story also involves drinking and getting drunk.

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