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Scars: Alak's Story
A Fire and Starlight Novella

This story is recommended reading after the first book and provides additional insight and details that make the story more complete, but it can be skipped if the reader is not comfortable with the content.

Content Warning (Slight Spoilers)

Physical Abuse/Assault

The story begins with a memory of the main character, Alak, being attacked and physically assaulted by his drunk father. During this encounter, Alak defends himself and ends up killing his abuser.



This story deals heavily with the theme of suicide, focussing the events in the last two portions of the story. One character is discovered in her bed after the act and another character attempts suicide shortly after. The first suicide happens off-page, but the second does not. The second attempt is not successful and the character decides that life might be worth living after all.

US National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 



UK National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 

0800 689 5652


Canada Suicide Prevention Service Call:


Canada Suicide Prevention Service Text: 45645


Australia Suicide Callback Service: 

1300 659 467


Australia Talk Suicide:

Additional Details

This story also deals with general trauma from growing up with an abuser, killing in self-defense, and slight themes of depression and feeling unworthy and unloved. 

Scars_ Alak's Story
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