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The Starlight in the Shadows Signed Hardback

Book Two of the Fire and Starlight Saga
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The Starlight in the Shadows

Book Two of the Fire and Starlight Saga

The world has changed. Friends are now Foes. Enemies have become Allies. Everything is at risk. There's no way everyone can make it out alive.

Astra struggles to find her place in her world turned upside-down. Those she felt she could trust more than anyone in the world have betrayed her. Her newest friends are the only thing keeping her going, but time is against them as a war builds on two fronts and every turn holds a new danger.

Alak took a chance and made a choice that put him behind enemy lines, but for the first time in his life he finally feels truly useful. Every move he makes must be carefully calculated or everything falls apart. If he messes up, a lot of people could very well die.

Even though they're miles apart, they're working together, desperate to save Callenia and the surrounding kingdoms. If only they had more time. If only they had more allies. If only they could be together.

*All Copies will come signed by the author*

**Content Warning: Mentions of Suicide, Past Abuse, PTSD, and Assault. View Details (Some Spoilers)

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