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The Stardust in the Ashes Signed Paperback

Book Three of the Fire and Starlight Saga
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The Stardust in the Ashes

Book Three of the Fire and Starlight Saga

The Saga Continues in this penultimate adventure.

Ehren struggles to come to terms with all his recent losses. Grief and depression threaten to take even more from him, until he receives promising word from the kingdom of Ascaria. Fighting darkness and doubts, he comes up with a plan that just might save his kingdom. If only there was someone who could save him.

Astra stays behind to wait for correspondence from allies, searching the library for answers with help from Ronan and Kai. But the deeper they dive into research, the more they realize nothing is going to come easy.

Alak pairs up with an unlikely partner to hunt down a possible army of refugee soldiers so they can build an army of magic and non-magic working together. If they can survive each other, they may be able to survive the war.

Jessalynn thought Callenia and all it stood for was solidly in her past, but when Princess Cadewynn shows up on her doorstep asking for help to raise an army, Jess has a big decision to make. Will she aid her half-brother and sister and help save their kingdom? Or will she remain as separate and self-sufficient as she's always been?

When your world burns to the ground, all you can do is rise from the ashes.

**Content Warning: Mentions of Suicide, Assault, PTSD, Grief and Mourning, Depression, and Infertility View Details (Some Spoilers)

*All Copies will come signed by the author*

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