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Stray: Kai's Story Signed Paperback

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Stray: Kai's Story

A Fire and Starlight Novella | Book 3.5

A wolf shifter without a pack is just a wolf. They need a pack to keep them human.

Kai is fine with being alone, or at least he was until he met Astra and her friends. Now after years of being a lone wolf, he may have found his pack, even if they aren't all shifters. After all, what else would have him traveling into a foreign kingdom to take down a rogue shifter?

With the help of Eleni, a cynical shifter without a pack, Kai hunts down Hammon, a cruel wolf shifter with more power than one person should have. Soon Kai finds himself dangerously tangled in long forgotten blood magic that threatens to take everything from him.

Forced to face his grief and past, Kai has a tough decision to make. Is it worth risking his life to take out Hammon, or would he better off to let things work out on their own?

**This story includes death, grief, mourning, and learning to move past that grief. Please be aware that animals (human shifters in their animal forms) are wounded and killed.

All copies come signed by the author

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