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Stories and Starlight: A Collection of Fire and Starlight Novellas

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Grief rarely vanishes entirely; it only changes form.

In the background of every story are the characters who make it possible. This collection of novellas follows Alak, Cal, and Kai as they face life-changing events that shape their pasts, presents, and futures.

This hardcover is a special edition that includes Scars: Alak's Story, Star-Crossed: Cal's Story, and Stray: Kai's Story as well as a never before released short story To Wish Upon a Star. In addition to the stories, this edition also includes black-and-white artwork to go along with each novella.

This book contains some material that be upsetting for some readers. Check content warnings here.

**Every copy comes signed by the author.**

No returns or refunds. Delays in shipping may occur based on available quantities and stock. If an item arrives damaged, please contact

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