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Star-Crossed: Cal's Story Signed Paperback

A Fire and Starlight Novella | Book 2.5
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Star-Crossed: Cal's Story

A Fire and Starlight Novella | Book 2.5

Emptiness is hard to fill when the person you love doesn't love you back.

Cal has always been a good, loyal soldier and a valued member of Prince Ehren's Guard. When he's asked by his captain to survey a group of new recruits, it's just another day--until he spots Makin.

Makin Parelli is perfect in every way and Cal enjoys his budding friendship with the young man. Every day they grow closer and Cal begins to wonder if maybe, just maybe, Makin also feels more than friendship. When a night of celebrating lowers Cal's inhibitions, everything quickly spirals out of control.

Ashamed and floundering, Cal must find a way to mend his broken friendship or risk losing Makin forever.

This book contains some material that be upsetting for some readers. Check content warnings here.

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