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Mystery Assortment

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How the Fire and Starlight Saga will end remains a mystery and might make you a little nervous, but this particular mystery is sure to make you smile! If you simply can't choose which bookmarks and stickers you need to own, I can pick that for you with this fun assorted grab bag. Each assortment will contain 7-10 items with a mix of both stickers and bookmarks in each order. Items will likely be chosen from the stickers and bookmarks you can see in other listings, but there occasionally might be a surprise items that hasn't been released yet or that I was testing out. Don't worry, though, every item will be top quality and guaranteed awesomeness. *Items will not be duplicated, but some characters may be. (For example, you will not receive two Bram Chibi Bookmarks, but your order may contain two Bram bookmarks with one Chibi bookmark and one Art/Quote bookmark.)

**Specific items cannot be requested for this assortment but you may leave a note at checkout with your favorite (or least favorite) characters and I will take your preferences into consideration while selecting your goodies.

*If you order more than one mystery assortment under this listing it is possible you may receive duplicate items since my available stock is limited. I will, however, do my best to limit duplicate items as much as possible.

**No refunds will be given if you don't like the items so make sure you're a fan of surprises before you order!**

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