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Less than Perfect Hardcover Discount Copies

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This listing for for "less than perfect" Hardback copies of available books. All books are able to be read and enjoyed, but simply have minor aesthetic errors. Some of these errors may be formatting (such as margins or headers), slight print errors that do not effect readability, or slight damage to the cover or pages (minor dents, scratches, etc) that occurred during shipping or assembly. Hardbacks will come with the printed wrap cover underneath the dust jacket. All books are new and will come signed by the author.

By purchasing this item you are agreeing to receive a slightly damaged copy of the book at a discounted price.

Selection will vary and will be limited. Stock will be updated regularly. Sometimes multiple titles will be available; other times selection may be limited to one title. When selecting the book you wish to purchase, please insure that you select the correct title and format when applicable.

All Less Than Perfect books are Final Sale.

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