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Image by AbsolutVision

Where do I get my inspiration?

My brain is constantly looking for inspiration all the time. I think in words and images, retaining my favorite parts from the world around me. Some of the main places I find inspiration are:

  • My own personal experiences

  • The experiences of friends and family members

  • Books I read

  • Social media

  • History and historical events

  • Current events

  • My dreams and imagination

So, where did my inspiration for the Fire and Starlight Saga start?

I actually started my Fire and Starlight Saga based off a writing prompt posted by a writer friend on her Instagram! The prompt was about twins being the only ones in their kingdom, posing the question of what would happen when they turned eighteen. My brain took off with the idea, and the first words of "The Night the Stars Fell" were written!

How do I stay inspired?

Lots and lots of coffee. No, really. Coffee is my brain juice and it helps  me to focus and be able to write. But, obviously, coffee can't do everything, right? 

I won't lie, some days it's really hard to stay focussed and inspired. I get frustrated or writer block gets in the way. So, how do I deal with that? Usually, I take a break and read. Reading helps to reset my brain so I can think clearly and come back to my work with a fresh perspective .

Image by Nathan Dumlao
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