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The Night the Stars Fell

Book One | Fire and Starlight Saga

Astra and Kato are the only twins ever born in their kingdom, and despite the fact magic has been dead for centuries, they have a power coursing beneath their skin. What happens when they turn eighteen?

Scars: Alak's Story

Book 1.5 | Fire and Starlight Saga

Embervein is supposed to be another hustle on the road to somewhere new, but everything changes when Alak meets the crown prince and his closest friends.


The Starlight in the Shadows

Book Two | Fire and Starlight Saga

The world has changed. Friends are now Foes. Enemies have become Allies. Everything is at risk. There's no way everyone can make it out alive.

Star-Crossed: Cal's Story

Book 2.5 | Fire and Starlight Saga

Emptiness is hard to fill when the person you love may not love you back.


The Stardust in the Ashes

Book Three | Fire and Starlight Saga

When your world burns to ashes, the only things left to do is Rise.

TSATS Ebook.png

The Stars Amid the Storm

Book Four | Fire and Starlight Saga

A storm is gathering and not everyone can survive the darkness.

Stray: Kai's Story

Book 3.5 | Fire and Starlight Saga

A wolf shifter without a pack is just a wolf.

They need a pack to keep them human.

Stray EBook.png
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