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The Stardust in the Ashes 
Book Three of The Fire and Starlight Saga


Content Warning (Slight Spoilers)

Mentions of Suicide

This is a continuation of the previously mentioned suicide and suicide attempts discussed in the first book. (Chapter Seven) No suicide attempts are performed on the page. Another character struggling with depression struggles with brief suicidal thoughts. (Heaviest in Chapter Twenty-Five)


Brief Homophobic Encounters 

Slightly unsupportive comments are made toward a same sex relationship. This is mostly seen in the final chapters. 


PTSD & Past Trauma

This is a reoccurring thing throughout the book as Astra struggles with the guilt of having to kill off attacking enemies to survive and Alak battles with his past. Ehren also struggles to accept the losses he experienced previously.



Several characters grieve throughout the book as they relive previous traumas and experience new ones. This grief is especially strong in the first few chapters but is reoccurring.


One character struggles with heavy depression throughout the book but it is especially heavy in Chapters Two and Four.

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