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The Stars Amid the Storm
Book Four of The Fire and Starlight Saga


Content Warning (Slight Spoilers)

Mentions of Suicide/Self Harm

No suicide attempts are performed on the page, but a story is told in Chapter Thirty-One of a character's past suicide attempts. This character also experiences some self-harm, but no details are given. Another character struggling with depression struggles with brief suicidal thoughts and purposely clutches something tightly in his hand until it cuts his skin (Chapter Twenty).


Amputation, Decapitation

This book has several battle scenes that are bloody and violent. In one scene an 

enemy's hand is cut off in battle. In Chapter Twenty-Eight, a character undergoes

off-page torture that leads to a battle ending in the loss of a hand as well as two decapitations. The descriptions are not overtly graphic and are over quickly. The following chapters in this character's POV occasionally show this character struggling to come to terms with the amputation. 


PTSD & Past Trauma

This is a reoccurring thing throughout the book as Astra struggles with the guilt of having to kill off attacking enemies to survive and Alak battles with his past. Ehren also struggles to accept the losses he experienced previously as well as learning to cope with new injuries and his escalating duties in the war. Chapter Thirty-Eight shows a character struggling to accept help and treatment based on previous traumatic experiences. 



Several characters grieve throughout the book as they relive previous traumas and experience new ones. This grief is especially strong Chapters Five, Six, Ten, Twenty, Forty-Four, and Forty-Nine, but there are glimpses of grief on and off throughout the book.

Depression, Anxiety

One character struggles with heavy depression throughout the book but it is especially heavy in Chapters Ten and Twenty. A character also has a brief panic attack in Chapter Ten and another slight panic attack in Chapter Twenty.

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